WBSG Policy working group

Aim of the working group

International and national policies are increasingly recognizing the importance of pollinator conservation and the sustainable management of pollination services. In 2016, IPBES published an assessment of ‘Pollinators, Pollination and Food Production’, which was endorsed by the 196 signatory governments of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Major global and regional pollinator initiatives led by FAO and the EU respectively are underway, as well as more than 30 national initiatives.

The WBSG’s goal is to engage with and strengthen dialogues with international and national organizations, initiatives and governments to promote pollinator conservation, to identify opportunities to establish new policies and/or utilize existing policies to protect wild bees and seek support for the WBSG.


Hien Ngo, FAO, Italy

Renee Borges

Lucas Garibaldi

Una Fitzpatrick

Mary Gikungu

Martijn Thijssen

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